Bearcats Blog Wins "Protect Your Unit" Game


By now you're probably wondering what happened to the "Protect Your Unit" game. Maybe you've asked your friends, your neighbors, possibly even your Congressman. Well, wonder no more. No one came up with a big rally during bowl season (although Ken certainly tried with a massive 10-team parlay - it missed badly), so that means Scott from Bearcats Blog is the winner of the first "Protect Your Unit" game. Scott, get in touch with me and I'll make arrangements to send a championship trophy* your way. We hope you enjoyed playing and/or reading throughout the year. "Protect Your Unit" will come back next season, and we'll make some changes to the rules and the format to make this more of a test of skill instead of the weekly slot machine pull that it turned into. Until August... * - Actually a protective cup with Scott's name and winning amount written on it in Sharpie.

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