Game 9 Anthem: DePaul

(NOTE FROM VOODOO: We let GarySJ pinch-hit for us on this anthem. As you'll see, he hit a tape measure shot.)


Outside of the music world, you don't hear the term "one-hit wonder" very often. But if ever a college basketball rivalry was a one-hit wonder, it is USF-DePaul.

The greatest USF-DePaul game was played on January 20, 1984. It was scheduled as a sideshow to Tampa's first Super Bowl, two days later. DePaul brought a #2 national ranking, a 13-0 record, legendary coach Ray Meyer (in his 42nd and final season), Tyrone Corbin, Dallas Comegys, and their adorable demon-on-the-toilet logo to the then-new Sun Dome. DePaul left with a hard-fought 59-50 victory. To this day, it is the Bulls' best result against a #1 or #2 team. It's also still the fourth-largest Sun Dome crowd.

Despite the teams being much more comparable talent-wise than they were in 1984, one team always seems to have the upper hand in this matchup. When both teams joined Conference USA in 1995, DePaul won the first five years, even though USF was improving and DePaul was fielding its most awful teams ever. Remember that 3-23 season? Guess who one of the three was.

However, bad DePaul teams haven't been as tough on USF since the move to the Big East, with USF winning four straight. The teams will play twice again this year, and at least once every year into the foreseeable future. But even the Big East label has failed to recreate the atmosphere of a January non-conference game a generation ago.

In honor of that game, and the endless litany of meaningless USF-DePaul games that followed, today's queefcore anthem is "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something. It's a wistful song about trying to find something in common with someone you really don't have anything in common with... except an appreciation of one great performance that's been sadly forgotten.

So you #BootDePaul people and conference-realignment mavens are thinking USF and DePaul have nothing in common, I say, what about that 1984 game, as I recall I think we both kinda liked it. Well, that's the one thing we've got.

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