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Daily Bull-ogosphere: November 1

Good morning V5ers! Who is excited that we are finally past that dumpster fire of a month that we called October 2011? Onto the links!

1. Skip knows that the defense has to step up against Rutgers if the Bulls have a chance to win this weekend.

2. If you guys want to know the difficulties the Half-Hoops had during their weekend trip up to Rutgers, Tom Zebold over at the mothership gives you all the details.

3. Congrats to the Women's Golf Team for capturing another tournament title this weekend as they came back from 9 strokes down on Saturday to win the Lady Paladin Classic by a stroke.

4. Darrell Scott put it best when he said its "Do or die mode right now." Also in the piece is that Florida transfer Chris Dunkley underwent surgery on his wrist and will miss the rest of the season. Dunkley should be ready to go in time for Spring Practice.

5. Oliver Luck suing the Big East to get out of the 27 month timetable? This is going to end so well.