Campus Nomads 5: USF vs. Georgia Southern at Beta Hall

With the USF SunDome undergoing renovation, our intrepid basketball reporter will follow the South Florida basketball team around the USF campus this season, as the team plays its games in different buildings across the campus. Check back after each home game for updates (hopefully).

Forward Ron Anderson paced the USF squad with a season-high 17 points as the Bulls defeated Georgia Southern 66-46 at Beta Hall on Wednesday.

"What better home-court advantage can you have than playing in your dormitory," said coach Stan Heath. "The vibe here is great. They guys felt right at home."

"Of course we felt comfortable," said freshman guard Anthony Collins. "My room is right down the hall."

Collins handled the ball well, registering six assists to only one turnover. With the Bulls comfortably ahead, Collins spent most of the second half in his pajamas and flip-flops, eating cold pizza.

The Bulls easily handled the Eagles, even with forward Augustus Gilchrist sitting out the game because he was stuck in the Beta hall elevator.

"I was a little scared, but I knew the guys would do well," said Gilchrist. He passed the time by watching an episode of Breaking Bad on his iPhone, until elevator maintenance staffers repaired the malfunction early in the second half. With the Bulls ahead, coach Heath kept Gilchrist out for the game.

For locker rooms, the teams used the communal kitchens on the second and third floors.

"This season has been tough," said GSU guard Ben Drayton. "Coach is giving an impassioned speech, trying to help us get back into the game, but some kid left his ramen cooking on the stove, and I'm thinking 'should I turn it off? It might burn.' But maybe he likes his ramen mushy or something. We all like ramen differently."

"I was really distracted, so it put me off my game," said Drayton, who was held to nine points, and only made four of his 12 attempts from the field.

"After the game, some kid left a pot with beefaroni just sitting there," said USF guard Blake Nash, who came off the bench to contribute nine points and four assists. "I mean, it had been sitting there since halftime, and it was cold, but I was hungry so I just ate it. I feel so bad now though.

"I'd like to give this message to the kid. If you are reading this, come down to 2 West sometime and we can get pizza and play FIFA."

Just then, freshman Tyler Bentson entered the kitchen to retrieve his saucepan, which had previously contained the beefaroni.

"It's all good, man," said Bentson. "We saw the game on TV and you guys played great."

Notes: USF picked up the "southern double," defeating Florida Southern and Georgia Southern this season.

"We're 2-0 versus teams with 'southern' in their name" said coach Heath.

After the game, the Bulls quickly added to their schedule Southern Mississippi, Southern California, Southern North Dakota State, Quebec Southern, South Sudan and South Southern University of the South.

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