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The 6th Most Important Player For USF Basketball

Welcome back to TMIPFUSFB countdown! Last time we left you, Shaun Noriega checked in at #7 as he looks to become USF's first consistent outside threat in more than a decade. With the season less than a week away, its time to crank these out. The 6th Most Important Player For USF Basketball This Year is Hugh Robertson!

Robertson was as dependable as you could be last season, starting 31 of the team's 33 games and averaged 8.3 PTS/4.3 REB/1.8 AST/1.0 STL a game last season. Hugh was by far our best perimeter defender and was given the assignment to guard everyone from Jimmer Freddette to Ashton Gibbs to Kemba Walker. While he didn't do anything to wow you, Robertson did all the little things you could ask from him, and somehow he'd find a way to get 8-10 points and 4-6 rebounds.

Just from watching the Tampa exhibition, Robertson will be used as the supersub between Victor Rudd and Shaun Noriega until Jawanza Poland gets back from his back injury. His defense will still be a premium to Heath, but it looks like Noriega's ability to stretch opposing team's defenses are just a little more important this year. While Robertson won't be the first option on offense, you need guys like Hugh to do the little things to make the team go.

So who will be the 5th Most Important Player for USF Basketball? Your choices are below.