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USF Offering Free Tickets for Baseball and Softball Games

With the completion of the new baseball and softball stadiums still a week or two away, the Athletic Department has decided that ALL baseball and softball games this weekend are free to the public. This will include baseball's weekend series against Elon and the entire USF/Fairfield Inn & Suites Tampa North tournament starting Thursday against Central Connecticut State.

I think this is a brilliant decision. With some of the berm seating not ready to go and the video scoreboards not 100%, it wouldn't be right to charge for admission, and I like the idea of calling this a "soft" Grand Opening. Get everything set up and perfect before rolling out the red carpet for the official Grand Opening.

Athletic Director Doug Woolard has this to say about the opening of the stadiums,

"This is a great day for USF, its fans and the Tampa Bay community. So many people have worked extremely hard to get the project to this point and we're excited about sharing it with the public. There is still some work to be done, so bring your wrenches and hard hats, but we think this is going to be one of the best facilities in the nation and we hope everyone will come out and see it this weekend."

With this news coming out today, most people in the Bay Area have no excuse now for not going to the game. We hope to see you guys out there sometime this weekend.