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The Volleyball Team Golf Tournament Extravaganza Spectacular: Join Us!

Former players Ashley Reavis and Brittany Castelamare show why we want you to play golf on April 22nd. Let's get Bulls Volleyball some cash.
Former players Ashley Reavis and Brittany Castelamare show why we want you to play golf on April 22nd. Let's get Bulls Volleyball some cash.

Our standard opening disclosure: We don't discuss volleyball rationally. They are our favorites, and they always will be. You don't like it? Go read Bleacher Report.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. And not just because of Spring Training, March Madness, and our invading a new Muslim country. It's time for the USF Volleyball Team Golf Tournament, which doubles as both a legitimate sporting contest between skilled golfers, and a place for hackers to drink and gamble with their foursome at all opportunities. In other words, about as much fun as you can legally have outside of Las Vegas.

For the fourth year running we will be at River Hills Golf and Country Club on Friday, April 22nd for a 1pm shotgun start. The tournament includes both a box lunch and a catered dinner, a sweet gift bag full of swag, a snazzy new Under Armour polo shirt... and beer. As in all the beer you can drink, all day. There might even be some slightly stronger stuff running around.

But you say you're not good at golf, and your team isn't good enough to shoot the lowest score? Who cares! The beauty of this tournament is there’s more than one way to win.  You can win a prize in the raffle drawing.  You can pick up a something awesome for closest to the pin or making a long putt. Or you can just drink enough of the free beer that you won’t remember who else won.  And that, my fellow Americans, is true victory.

Since fellow blogging genius Ken is married with a child, he's using the "Bed, Bath & Beyond/Home Depot" whipped male excuse and can't play with me again this year. He's been replaced by my friend Tara, and I have no idea if she's any good at golf. But she owns a set of pink clubs with a matching bag, and despite barely breaking triple digits on a scale, she can drink most football players under a table. This qualifies her as the ideal participant for my foursome.

This is also the least expensive tournament that supports any of our programs. Skip Holtz's annual tournament is $5000 a foursome. Stan Heath's is too. But this one is $150 for an individual golfer, or $600 per foursome. And you can get all the registration information here.

And if you can't play, we still need you. The World Famous Raffle, where I've never seen anyone that buys $20 worth of raffle tickets NOT walk away with more than that in retail value, is actively soliciting prizes. Things such as gift certificates, complimentary rounds of golf or spa services, tickets to theme parks or events, and the like are all a wonderful way to support the program. If you have anything you can share, either email me or let me know in the comments.

If you can play, we'll have a special prize for all Voodoo readers that participate.  So ship us a sweet raffle prize, or meet us out there, and have a blast while supporting a team where you can really make a difference.