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Voodoo Five Bracket Challenge Update: CURSE YOU PITT!

For the first year doing a bracket challenge at the last minute, having 17 people try their luck for a free T-Shirt is pretty awesome and we thank each and every one of you for joining. If you had a Big East team winning the whole thing, you have our sympathy as Toro and myself both picked Pitt and threw our brackets in a fire when Nasir Robinson fouled Matt Howard with less than a second to go. A couple of people though Syracuse could find a way to make a deep run, but Brandon Triche got hurt, and Scoop Jardine had a vintage Bad Scoop performance and the Orange were bounced by Marquette.

As far as standings go, Cambi is leading so far, but only has 2 of his Final Four left which included Pitt, who was in his Championship Game. Voodoo is carrying the V5 writers banner as he is sitting in 2nd place and is the only person with North Carolina winning it all. If that holds, he will save face for all of us. Having Pitt in the Championship hurts, but Voodoo still has 6 out of 8 Elite Eight teams and the other 3 Final Four teams intact. If you're looking for some people in the middle of the pack who might make a late run, look no farther than Taurean and MPetty, who are the only two players left with their entire Final Four still alive after the first weekend.

On the other end of the spectrum, I should have kept my mouth shut because I'm sitting in 16th with Pitt, Louisville, and ND all bounced early when I had them all going to the Elite Eight at least. To keep up with the horrible form of the writers, Toro and Gary are right above me, both with no hope of winning. Gary had Syracuse in the championship game vs. Kansas, and Toro is right there with me in the Pitt FAILwagon. RockyBull is making me feel awesome about my bracket, but I see all my mistakes in his bracket and I get depressed again.

I hope there is a VCU/Butler/Marquette/Arizona Final Four so it ruins everyone's bracket. I'm sure the Anonymous Eagle guys wouldn't mind that.