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Voodoo Five Bracket Challenge Final Results

Ron and JAWANZA! are running to Texas to celebrate with the winner.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Ron and JAWANZA! are running to Texas to celebrate with the winner. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Saturday night's UConn-Kentucky game decided who would win the first annual Voodoo Five Bracket Challenge. Voodoo 5 carried the writers' banner all tournament, while I Support Gambling At Work would claim the T-shirt if Kentucky managed to take out the Huskies. In the end, UConn having Kemba Walker while Kentucky did not was all the difference, and that means Voodoo 5 has been declared the winner and supreme champion of the 2011 Voodoo Five Bracket Challenge!

Here are the complete standings... and I'd like to point out that I did indeed finish second thanks to being the only person to pick UConn this round:


I'd like to give Voodoo a chance to brag about being better at picking brackets, so a word from our champion after the jump:

I've been pretty clear all along that basketball is not my best sport to analyze. It might not even be my second-best sport. Come to think of it, I'm kind of hazy on what position Hugh Robertson plays. Is he a 2? A 3? Both? Neither? Well, it doesn't matter now, because I am clearly The King of Basketball around here.

So many teams to thank for executing my upset picks. I'd like to thank Florida State for making Notre Dame miss about 80 three-pointers... Arizona for forming a second-half dunk line against Duke... Duke for being so happy to oblige... Kentucky for taking out Ohio State... Purdue for folding like Purdue does... and I'm sure there are others. No thanks to Pittsburgh and Georgetown for bombing out of the tournament AGAIN, or Roy Williams for not spending any timeouts late against Kentucky when he could have kept the Heels going, or Matt Howard, aka Bill Laimbeer 2.0, who has a fantastic career in Italian soccer ahead of him. If not for you guys, I could have won this thing in a devastating rout that people would discuss years later in hushed tones, because the carnage was still too much to bear.

Anyway, I've decided to decline the first prize of a Voodoo Five T-shirt because of the tax implications. Ken, if you don't want one for that or other reasons, I suggest we award it to the third-place finisher.


Thanks Voodoo for your gracious speech. You are wise beyond your years.

I just wanted to thank everyone for taking part in our first bracket challenge this year, and we should have something like this for football season. I just haven't thought of it yet.