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Using The FanPost And FanShot Sections And Building The V5 Community

We have a lot of new members, and I wanted to point out our FanShots and FanPosts sections that really helps getting the community involved.

If you see a link from one of our beat writers that we missed, a USF YouTube that hasn't reached viral status, or you made a USF photoshop that yearns to be used time and time again by us, use a FanShot. Its a great way to get a short link up and get a conversation started. If you want to get more in depth about something, use a FanPost. We only ask that if you do a FanPost is that it is at least 75 words long.

We do have a couple of rules in place:

1. Absolutely ZERO personal attacks. This goes not only to fellow board members, but also players, coaches, and staff. You're welcome to crticize, but don't ever question the motives or intent of someone you don't know and have never met.

2. We will censor all forms of stupid. Anything considered "Smazza" like immediately gets the delete button. You will be deleted at first, banned temporarily for repeated stupidity, and eventually barred for life.

3. Solutions encouraged. If you have a criticism, you better have a reasonable solution at hand. If you don't, say "I don't know have a better idea, but maybe someone else does."

4. Be funny. Remember, it's just sports. If we can't laugh and have fun, then why are we here. But keep it clean. Describing USF Baseball's Season Ticket Campaign as "BULLS BUNT-OFF 2011... HEAR THE PING!!" is funny. Calling Lelo an idiot or a reject is not. Criticize on the merits, and acknowledge criticism of your criticism.

5. We have no problem putting your FanPost or FanShot on the frontpage if we like it. If there is an extended period of quality work, we will invite you to the V5 writing team and all the privileges that come with it.


We want V5 to be THE PLACE for all Bulls fans to stop and talk about the Alma Mater. There aren't a lot of places to talk about USF on the web, and we want V5 to be a civilized site where we can talk about the ups and downs without attacking each other. We hope you feel the same.

If you have any suggestions or comments, send us an email. We always appreciate what you have to say.