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Voodoo Five's USF Day Bulls Heaven Gift Card Giveaway

I felt bad about getting a credit to Bulls Heaven for being, basically, an obnoxious jerk with last Saturday's post. So I was going to just turn around and give it away to one of our readers, but for some very good reasons the credit can't be transferred.

That's not going to stop us, though. Instead, we're going to take some of the money that we've collected through the various sponsorships you've seen on the site and fund our own giveaway at tomorrow's USF Day. Here's how you can win.

1. Follow the official Voodoo Five Twitter feed (@SBNVoodooFive) and my Twitter feed (@usfvoodoo5). You can also follow Voodoo Five on Facebook -- the "Like" button is on the right side of the page.

2. Be at USF Day tomorrow during the football scrimmage and the baseball game. Our own Toro Grande will be there representing us at the events.

3. At some point during the festivities, we will tell you where to meet Toro on one or both of our Twitter feeds and our Facebook page. We'll tell you what to look for, and you will also be given a "phrase that pays" to say when you find him. The first person to find Toro and tell him the "phrase that pays" wins a $50 Bulls Heaven gift card!

No purchase necessary, but obviously you must be present to win. Once we have a winner, we'll announce on Twitter and Facebook that the contest is over. Hopefully we'll have an actual gift card to present to the winner, but if not we'll get one to you as fast as we can.

Good luck everyone!