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Women's Tennis: Welcome To GagaVille

We haven't had much of a chance to play our favorite pop schmaltz song ever this year, but a hearty congratulations to USF's most unintentionally hysterical head coach Agustin Moreno and the women's tennis team for their bid to the NCAA Tournament today. The Bulls are ranked #41 by the ITA, and will take on #23 Texas in Coral Gables, with the winner getting the victor between FIU and Miami for a place in the Sweet 16.

The Bulls finished 11-11 on the season, but 8 of their losses came to the top 20, and they booked two wins against them as well. They are the 3rd USF team to qualify for NCAA's this year, and let's add women's golfer Shena Yang to this as well as she qualifies as an individual for the NCAA Championships as well. Yang finished 5th at the Big East Championships last week.

So to all the ladies, we hope you find your keys and your phone. Because you're about to find out what's... going... on... on the floor. Doop do do.