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Daily Bull-ogosphere: July 8

Good Morning V5ers! We hope you are having a better morning than I am, as a million people cram into my town to watch the last Space Shuttle launch. This is going to be great... on to the links!

1. We finally have someone on a watch list! After posting a strong 2010, junior kicker Maikon Bonani has been placed on the Lou Groza Award Watch List. We will keep you posted if he makes it to the next step of the process.

2. Rivals' countdown (countup?) of the 120 FBS teams ranks USF at number 43, which is clearly too low since the Bulls are winning the Big East this year.

3. Andrea Adelson has her safety rankings for the Big East, and she has the Bulls second in the conference behind Syracuse. No complaints here.

4. Wait, so a Villanova commitment said that the Wildcats will be invited to the Big East for football in September? I do not oppose this at all.

5. Finally the Big East Coast Bias break down the Big East's non-conference schedule against BCS-conference opponents, and looks at the best and worst case scenarios for the conference as a whole. I'll be happy with a split of Notre Dame and Miami.