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Your Holtzism of the Week

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Welcome back to our weekly look at the somewhat insane things that come out of Skip Holtz's mouth. This week wasn't the best week to find a Holtzism. Between injury concerns and getting ready to head back to Tampa, there wasn't much that we could find.

Thankfully USA Today came to the rescue today. We know that DR. LOU is a slight Notre Dame homer, but for the first time in recorded history, Lou is ready to pick against the Fighting Irish. And according to Skip its not that surprising.

Skip says his father, who has never picked against Notre Dame as an ESPN analyst, is committed to projecting South Florida to win and will not portray that outcome as an upset.

According to Skip, Lou has already said, "Upset is what his mother would be if I picked Notre Dame."

We will be around this weekend keeping up with the roster countdown and recapping the women's soccer game against UCF. You know that's on BHSN tonight at 7 PM right?

And if anyone goes to Fan Fest Saturday, make sure to take some pictures and put them up as a FanPost. We assume the new uniforms on NCAA 12 will be unveiled tomorrow.