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Daily Bull-ogosphere: August 23rd

Good Morning V5ers! We hope you students were able to get to your classes without a problem. On to the links!

1. After leaving earlier this fall, former USF DE Brandon Wilkinson has landed at FCS Samford according to Greg Auman. Brandon will have 4 years of eligibility remaining with the Bulldogs. We wish Brandon the best of luck with the rest of his career.

2. I'm sure you're going to see a lot of these over the next week and a half, but Greg Auman has a couple of stories on the Holtz family and Notre Dame. First is Skip saying he's not interested in coaching Notre Dame while he is at USF. The other is a pretty awesome SI Cover of DR. LOU that never actually happened.

3. Adam at Kegs 'n Eggs has simulated the entire Week 1 slate on NCAA 2012, and the Bulls get a huge overtime victory over Notre Dame. Even virtual simulations know that USF never loses in overtime.

4. So certain players who received illegal benefits from Nevin Shapiro received immunity if they talked about what happened? This will not end well for Miami.

5. I know we complained about the USF uniforms, but I think I would have punted a puppy into a woodchipper if USF was forced to wear Maryland's new uniforms.