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2011 USF Football Prospectus Collection

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You might be reading our blog today and wondering, "Aren't you a USF blog? It's almost time for the first game! Where's your in-depth breakdown of this year's football team? Are you all too busy coming up with ludicrous #BigEastApplicationQuestions to do a proper preview for our school's most important sport?"

Answer: Yes. Absolutely.

But over the past few weeks I did write out a position-by-position look at the team for SB Nation Tampa Bay. I wrote it mainly for the novice USF fan and dove pretty far into the history of the program, but I also included a look back at last year and what you can expect in 2011. So to make sure it's all saved in one place, here are links to all of the stories I did in the series.

-- Quarterbacks

-- Running Backs

-- Wide Receivers

-- Offensive Line

-- Defensive Line

-- Linebackers

-- Secondary

-- Special Teams

Some of these are a couple of months old now, so if facts and depth charts have changed since then, hopefully you can overlook those parts.