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Stampeding Through The Roster: #31 S Thanasi Mihalakos

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Today we meet a walk-on with one of the best names in USF history.

#31 S Thanasi "Saki" Mihalakos

Senior, 5'11", 185 lbs.

Stats In 2010: Mihalakos played against Stony Brook and FAU, but did not record any stats.

Current Position On Depth Chart: Saki is not listed on the two-deep on the post-spring depth chart at either safety position.

How He Came To USF: With a classically Greek name like Thanasi Mihalakos, you'd almost expect him to be from Tarpon Springs. But Mihalakos played at Terry Parker High School in Jacksonville, where he was teammates with linebackers Sam Barrington and Mike Jeune. Saki walked on in the spring of 2010, and was only one of four walk-ons from that group to make it to fall camp.

Recruiting Rankings: Mihalakos was not rated by any of the major recruiting services.

Projected Playing Time In 2011: With his senior year approaching, Saki will most likely fill the same role he had last season. Mihalakos will provide solid depth at a deep position and if the game is out of hand, he'll get on the field. Regardless of how much playing time he receives, Mihalakos will always have a spot on our All-Name Team.