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#BeatOpponent Thursdays

If you guys are on Twitter (and if you are you should be following us), you see that most Big East fans are mostly a cordial bunch that like to have fun by making cracks at each other and .

Last year, we had the very succesful #BeatRutgers hashtag that provided some really awesome tweets and angered pretty much every single Rutgers fan known to man.

So why not start it up with Notre Dame on Thursday? If you need a basic idea, check out Hoya Suxa for their Wake Forest tutorial (Yes I blatantly stole this from the Syracuse Twitterati, but I don't think they'll mind us doing this against teams like UConn and Notre Dame). Use the hashtag #BeatNotreDame and go crazy. I'll compile the best tweets over the course of the day and will post them back here Friday morning for those who missed it/don't have Twitter.

Have fun guys.