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Daily Bull-ogosphere: August 31

Last day of August. Three days to go. Don't think anything else needs to be said. On to the links!

1. Jose Fernandez and the women's basketball team announced their non-conference schedule yesterday. Although the non-conference home games will be played in (HHNNNNNNNNGGGG) the Upper Gym of the Campus Recreation Center, Jose did a solid job getting the team out for tournaments across the country.

2. Walk-ons! Get your walk-ons hre! Greg Auman has a good breakdown of the last 10 players to make the final 115-man roster, and it's good to see Jake Kaufman back in there. While these guys probably won't see the field, they'll provide some quality depth and help fill out the scout teams.

3. Keith Arnold over at Inside the Irish have a really good breakdown of the new Notre Dame depth chart that was just released. Arnold has the offense here and the defense here. Greg Auman also has a video of Skip talking about the Irish roster.

4. After their big road win against Wake Forest to start off the year, George Keifer and the Half-Hoops have climbed all the way up to #9 in the Soccer America poll.

5. Glad Skip is making sure that everyone knows that this trip is all business for the Bulls. Good article by Tom Zebold on the official site.

6. We've scratched our heads about how expansion might play out, and Bill Connolly tries to figure out how to get things down to 64 teams. Or does he?

7. What is this I don't even...