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Daily Bull-ogosphere: August 4

Good Morning V5ers! One last Bull-ogosphere with USF randomness, and then after that we going to be talking about PRACTICE. (And perhaps figuring out how many pints of Haagen-Dazs Darrell Scott and Dontae Aycock must have eaten this offseason to weigh in where they weighed in.) On to the links!

1. We've been poking Athletics a bit more than usual lately, but this might be one of the best ideas we've ever seen out of IAF. If you buy a season ticket for either the men's or women's soccer team, you'll receive one of these amazing scarves.


I don't care who you are, or even if you live in a climate where you'll never need a scarf. These things are awesome. If you don't live around the area, hopefully someone like Bulls Heaven or Bulls Outfitters will be able to sell these online.

2. Rocky the Bull participated in the 2011 Celebrity Mascot Games in Orlando, and Athletics has a short photo gallery up on Facebook. We assume that Rocky was putting a "kick me" sign on Albert.

3. The latest Letters From Louk is up, and today he takes a look back at former basketball great Rodenko Dobras. For guys like me who never saw him play, this was a great look at the man who led the Bulls to their only two NCAA bids.

4. Adam Adkins has a good story on new strength and conditioning coordinator Mike Golden and his intern, former Bucs defensive tackle Chris Hovan, who have injected a new brand of intensity in the weight room.

5. Finally, receiver Michael Floyd has been reinstated to the Notre Dame football team and will be able to play against USF in the season opener. Clearly Brian Kelly is scared to death of the Bulls. More than likely. Maybe. Probably not. Doubtful.