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Stampede Bonus: The Best Number In USF Football History

As we're counting down the USF roster from 99 to 1, some days we won't be able to look back at players who used to wear a certain number because a current player has it. So when I find something from the past that I think is overlooked, I'll do a Stampede Bonus like this one.

This will be the last Stampede Bonus for this year. We could do one for #1 and Charlie Jackson, but we'll save it for another occasion.


Since we went to all the trouble of counting down the whole roster from 99 to 1, and then writing up some sidebars and tidbits along the way, let's make our pick for the "best" number in USF football history. That is, the number that has been worn by the most skilled and memorable collection of players over the last 14 seasons.

And since we're doing this today, that means our choice for the best number is 2.

#2 includes three of the best offensive players USF has ever had. Hugh Smith, a speedster wide receiver who holds the single-season receptions record. Andre Hall, who should need no introduction to any Bulls fan. And Carlton Mitchell, one of the most underrated players in school history (and who I now feel we should have included in the 15 For 15 series last year).

DeJuan Green wore #2 in 2003, when he led the team in rushing. Quenton Washington wears the number now, and is a multi-year starter at cornerback. Even Mike Jenkins wore #2 in his freshman season, when he began to establish himself as the best corner in school history. (The other wearers of #2 are Edwin Greene, Jackie Chambers for one season, and Dylan Douglas.)

After the jump, we'll cover a few honorable mentions.

#5 came in second place. Kawika Mitchell dominated in that number. Nate Allen started for three straight years and was one of the most dependable USF players ever. A.J. Love probably had his best season wearing #5, in 2008. Brian Fisher was a one-year badass, and Lindsey Lamar is on his way to becoming the most prolific kick returner in school history. It just missed out on the top spot.

Other numbers we considered:

So what's your favorite number in USF history?