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Protect Your Unit Game - Week 4 Picks (Hedge With Hate Edition)

DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.

We had some discussion of whether everyone would still be allowed into this game if and when we were no longer in the Big East together. Fortunately the power of fake gambling is keeping us all together:

TORO: I vote that all of you get a 10 year exemption if we change conferences. It's been great losing fake money with you guys, and Lord knows you won't be able to get your football rocks off in that league.

KEVIN: I agree with the idea that we keep the Big East alive in spirit through Protect Your Unit. The ACC is a bunch of wankers anyway, and I would say that even if UConn were to be invited there.

Did I really need to include that? Probably not, but I was really looking forward to putting "wankers" to a post for the first time. History is being made here.

On to the picks, presented in order of the standings. You'll probably notice a pattern in the bets being made by non-Syracuse and Pittsburgh people. Last year Kevin introduced us to the concept of the "Hedge With Hate," where people made bets against their most vilified rivals. It's widespread hate this week. And speaking of which...

Kevin Meacham, The UConn Blog:

$150 Ball State (+4) over Army
$50 Oklahoma State (+4.5) over Texas A&M
$50 PARLAY: Boise State (-28.5) over Tulsa, BYU (-2.5) over Central Florida
$25 Tulane (+305) over Duke
$25 UConn and Buffalo UNDER 46
$25 Vanderbilt (+16) over South Carolina

Chris Lane, The Nova Blog:

Just took a look at the standings - cannot believe I'm in second place (to that UConn fanboy Kevin Meacham nonetheless). I figured I was at least $600 down at this point.

We're going full tilt this week on Notre Dame (but really, against anyone and everyone who has cheered for Pitt in their lifetime). Hedge with HATE HATE HATE!

ND -6.5 over Pitt ($220)

Syracuse lobbied for 'Nova football in the Big East, but there's no love for leaving us to have playdates with Duke. Have fun with the Plumlee's, guys

Toledo +2.5 over 'Cuse ($10)

The Hedge With HATE HATE HATE Parlay! All our favorites parlayed for $20!

ND -6.5 over Pitt
Ohio +4.5 over Rutgers
Buffalo +8.5 over UConn

Picks continue after the jump:

Chas Rich, Pitt Blather:

For how ever long I'll be allowed to continue my fake wager on these games, here they are.

$75 on BYU -2.5 vs. UCF. I realize BYU is not great this year, but this line confounds me.
$50 Cuse -2.5 vs. Toledo. Actually so does this one.
$100 VT -20.5 vs. Marshall. And this should be a flat out bludgeoning.

Scott from Bearcats Blog with his usual 400 picks:

3 team parlay for 50 -- Cincinnati -7.5, Florida -19.5, BYU -2.5
Florida State +2.5 for 50
Oregon -15.5 for 50
Ohio St -15 for 20
UCLA +4.5 for 20 just because Oregon State is very horrible
Illinois -12 for 10
Penn State -28.5 for 10
North Carolina +6.5 for 5
Syracuse -2.5 for 5
Maryland -9 for 5
Miami OH -4 for 5.

This is probably the week I go down in flames.

WVUIE97, The Smoking Musket:

$200 on ND (-6.5) over Pitt
$50 on Florida (-19.5) over UK
$1 on WVU (+6) over LSU

Andrew Porter, The UConn Blog:

All bets based on the spread.

$248 on Notre Dame over Pitt
$1 on whoever Syracuse is playing (that would be Toledo)
$1 on UConn for being virtuous and good.

Mengus22, Big East Coast Bias:

Give me Toledo +2.5 over Syracuse
Georgia -9.5 against Ole Miss
Notre Dame -6.5 against Pitt
Florida State +2.5 over Clemson

All for $50 apiece.

Voodoo 5, Voodoo Five:

- $55 on Syracuse -2.5 over Toledo. I know we're supposed to HATE HATE HATE right now, but that line is just stupid. Toledo is overvalued for almost beating Ohio State.
- $50 on Oklahoma State money line (+$170) over Texas A&M.
- $50 on a three-team 6-point teaser, all on teams favored by 19.5 points -- Florida, Texas Tech, and Mississippi State. Like them all to win by at least two touchdowns.
- $50 on Florida State money line (+$120) over Clemson.

And now the wacky illogical LSU bet of the week, which will be $5 on the West Virginia money line (+$190).

Hoya Suxa, definitely steering into the skid:

Just so I can make this as awkward as possible:

WAGER ONE: John Marinatto "You're Pretty Enough For Me!" Parlay Special for $50
I'm bundling:
1. East Carolina (-13)
2. Temple (+9)
3. Temple (+260)

WAGER TWO: Notre Dame <-6.5> at Pittsburgh
Connecticut is like a child that wants candy and has a mouth full of cavities. If you're missing this metaphor, it's pretty simple: Connecticut should be executed.

Also, Notre Dame covers for $50.

GarySJ, Voodoo Five:

Getting the full $250 in play this week:

$10 Tulane +10 at Duke. The idea of Duke being favored by 10 against anyone is just... wow.
$10 Kansas State +12.5 at Miami
$10 UCLA +4 at Oregon State. I know UCLA is bad. Oregon State is worse.
$20 Ohio +4.5 at Rutgers
$20 Vanderbilt +16 at South Carolina.
$20 Colorado State money line (+300) to win at Utah State.
$20 New Mexico State money line (+320) to win at San Jose State.
$40 BYU -2.5 over UCF
$100 Florida State +2.5 over Clemson

My season-long attempt to predict Clemson's mental state continues. So Clemson's in the rankings. Won a big game. Getting buzz. Facing a pivotal conference game at home against a blueblood opponent. Do I even have to say what's going to happen here? They're going down. Hard.

Casual Hoya:

200 on fsu
25 on rutgers
25 on vandy

Toro Grande, Voodoo Five:

$100 BYU -2.5 vs. UCF. #MormonsOverMorons (please use this one Friday... I'll be out and it's how I expect to follow the game)
$100 Vandy +16 at Sakerlina. #DoresOverDudeGarcia
$45 on FSU +2.5 at Clemson #JimboOverDabo
$5 on UTEP +29 at USF #HedgeWithHalfHeartedHate

Ken DeCelles, Voodoo Five:

Well I need to get back into the game quickly $248 Parlay - Notre Dame -6.5 and Oregon/Arizona OVER 64.5. My hedge with hate bet paired up with Old Faithful. Don't fail me now Chip. $1 USF -29 We are winning the whole f'n thing. No stopping us now. $1 Ohio +4.5 over Rutgers. Play me off Chas-board Cat.

But of course! See you Monday with the results.