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Board of Trustees Chair Calls USF Football "Disgusting and Unacceptable"

John Ramil, the Chairman of the USF Board of Trustees, says this about the football program. Who knew we had readers in such high places!!

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Greg Auman reports of some emails he found through a public records request from John Ramil to Judy Genshaft's Chief of Staff (who is Cindy Visot if I'm not mistaken), and it shows the Chairman of the Board of Trustees is as frustrated as the rest of the fan base.

We're certainly not afraid to be critical around here, and I don't know if even we wouldn't say this. It's bad, and I get "unacceptable," but "disgusting?" Yikes. But Ramil, who is an alum and long-time supporter of the university in many capacities, is just saying what a lot of people are thinking. Except his word carries a lot more weight than yours and mine.

Ramil partially walked back the statement later, saying "right now, given everything in balance, while I wasn't happy after the game, I think I should be patient. I think we all should be patient," and "I think Doug Woolard's plan to work on things we can during the season and assess at the end is the right thing to do." On that we agree.

But if this season continues on the current path, is sure looks like there might be support in high places for some changes in athletics after the year is over.