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GameThread: USF vs. Louisville (3:30pm ET)

Come talk about the game with us!


Well, let's see how this goes.

GAME: USF vs. Louisville
TIME: 3:30pm Eastern
LINE: Louisville by 5.5 (this is down from Louisville by 9 earlier in the week)


I didn't write a Five Keys post because how many times can I say all the same things that the Bulls haven't been doing? Get some negative plays on defense. Stop muffing punts. Get some turnovers. Don't make horrible decisions. It's a broken record.

You know why the line has been going down all week? Because people seem to expect that USF will come out refocused and give one of their best efforts, something they didn't really do against Ball State or Temple. This is the most important game of Skip Holtz's tenure. If they get beaten soundly, this could be the shutdown point for the season, and Holtz won't be able to right the ship.

During troubling times like these, I always reach for my USF binky - the 2005 beatdown of Louisville. I hope you all can find your own happy places before kickoff. Go Bulls!