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Your Guide To USF's Homecoming Weekend

It’s that time of the year Bulls fans; the time of the year that current students, parents & alumni all come together to celebrate the University of South Florida – that’s right it’s homecoming week!


For those of you that attended the University of South Florida, you may remember the fun events you partook in. From the carnival to the concert, comedy shows to tailgating; your week was filled with entertainment. Or so you hoped.

USF’s Homecoming Week it’s approaching the end, but don’t worry Bulls fans – the best is yet to come and from what I hear you haven’t missed much.

It seems this year’s Homecoming Committee put a little more faith in the Wayans Bros hands than they should have. On Tuesday night the Wayans Bros put on a “comedy show” at the Sun Dome. I put the quotation marks because this so-called “comedy show” started the Twitter hashtag - #ThingsBetterThanThisComedyShow, which was trending in Tampa and quite highly on Tuesday night. It’s never a good thing when USF students are tweeting:

@WhoIsKesha: #ThingsBetterThanThisComedyShow USF Parking Services

@Daveatrillion: #ThingsBetterThanThisComedyShow East Fletcher Walmart..

@jaytitan76: #Thingsbetterthanthiscomedyshow Lebron in the 4th” I can't!!!!!

@KShanese: #ThingsBetterThanThisComedyShow Hitting ur little toe on the baseboard

And my favorite - @dolemite4: #ThingsBetterThanThisComedyShow USF football record

Tonight’s homecoming lineup should live up to its expectations. For those of you alums out there, make sure to stop by the Alumni Association tents for music, a great place to stand for the parade & the Food Truck Rally. This will all take place at the Lifsey House and the Alumni Center. The Homecoming Parade throughout campus kicks off at 6pm. Check out the map to see where you belong, as it appears they have zoned off areas for watch parties: Housing, Greeks, Graduate Students, Alumni, and then all the rest of you.

The parade will be followed as usual by a concert at the Meadows. A familiar face at USF’s homecoming concert, drum roll please… LUDACRIS. For most USF students I’m sure this is the highlight of the week, because... you know, football.

One can only hope that Luda will bring USF that same luck he did back in 2006, when the Bulls defeated the Pittsburgh Panthers 22-12. Saturday’s game may be Syracuse, our perennial bitches, but I hope that USF fans know better than to think this game will be a breeze. Remember just two years ago when Syracuse beat USF during their Homecoming game, 13-9? The Bulls may be angry after losing five straight games, but the Orange can absolutely win this game.

Now Bulls fans, you need to do your part too. Its Homecoming, which means as student/alumni/fans/parents/person who just wants to watch a losing football team, we need to show our support for the Bulls even in their time of darkness. Saturday’s game doesn’t start until 7pm, which means you have plenty of time to accomplish your tailgating and still be in your seats by kick off. Don't be that guy/girl: at least walk into Ray Jay tomorrow.