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Voodoo Five Live Chat At 3pm Today: The Homecoming Horror Show 2012

We normally don't do this, but after what happened yesterday, we think some group catharsis is needed.

Joe Robbins

So come back here at 3pm, and we'll have a live chat so we can try and work through these issues together. It seemed like Skip was saying there might be some coaching changes coming (and quickly, like today), so maybe we'll find out something. Or maybe we can all just cry and commiserate as a collective.

Can't see the chat window below? Click this:

Feel free to let it all out here at 3pm. Also, we'll talk reasonable solutions and what might happen going forward. Obviously the status quo doesn't seem to be an option.

UPDATE: CLICK HERE if you can't see the entire chat window. It will open the chat in a new tab so you can send in comments.