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USF vs. Pitt Depth Chart Breakdown

The Bulls take the field for the last time this season as they host Pitt on senior night.

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USF returns home with a record of 3-8 (1-5) after falling to Cincinnati last Saturday. The season has been rough, a lot of changes could happen in the off-season, but before any of that happens, USF has one more game left on senior night as they take on Pitt. The Panthers routed the Bulls last season 44 to 17 up in Pittsburgh, so the Bulls, if there is any fight left in the tank, will look to redeem themselves and salvage whatever is left. Here is the Pitt depth chart.

Pitt enters the game with a 5-6 (2-4) record and dreams of reaching a bowl game. The Panthers are averaging 27 points per game, gaining 139 yards per game on the ground and 271 yards through the air. Pitt allows just 22 points per game, allowing 149 yards a game on the ground, but just 209 yards again. It could be another low scoring game as the Bulls try to do something in this last game of the year.

Special teams

At punter is junior Matt Yoklic (6'4" 215 lbs.) who has punted the ball 42 times, averaging 42 yards per kick (has only had one blocked on the year). Behind him is sophomore Drake Greer (6'4" 200 lbs.). At place kicker is senior Kevin Harper (5'10" 175 lbs.) who is 15 out of 22 on the year with a long of 45 yards this season. Behind him on the depth chart is Greer once again.

At kick return is senior Cameron Saddler (5'7" 160 lbs.) who has six returns for 118 yards (19 yards per return) with freshman Lafayette Pitts (5'11" 195 lbs.) who has 25 returns for 659 (26 yards per return). At punt return is Saddler who has 15 for 119 yards (seven yards per return). Behind him is sophomore Ronald Jones. Pitts is the big return man, but never overlook Saddler who has the raw speed to break a long return at anytime.

In the final game of the year, the Bulls are looking for any kind of spark to create something positive for this depleted team. Andre Davis was rough in punt returns in the game against Cincinnati, however, JBK was solid in the punting department. The USF kickers will have to keep the ball away from Saddler and Pitts and hope that Bonani can continue to hit field goals when he gets the chance to do so.


The Pitt Panthers run a base 4-3 set defense and have a very athletic defensive front seven that did a terrific job last week shutting down Gary Nova and the Rutgers offense. With redshirt freshman Matt Floyd still getting his feet wet and the only player the Bulls can still turn to, it could be another long day for the offense (what else is new).

Defensive line

Starting at defensive end is sophomore T.J. Clemmings (6'6" 290 lbs.) who has 19 tackle and one tackle for loss. Behind him is senior Shayne Hale (6'4" 260 lbs.) who has 19 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss, and one sack on the season. At the other defensive end is sophomore Bryan Murphy (6'3" 255 lbs.) who has 22 tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss and one sack with freshman Devin Cook (6'4" 235 lbs.) behind him who has 10 tackles including six tackles for loss. At defensive tackle is junior Aaron Donald (6' 275 lbs.) who has 51 tackles including 11.5 tackles for loss and 3.5 sacks with freshman Darryl Render (6'2" 270 lbs.) seeing limited action (has just five tackles on the year). At nose tackle is the big junior Tyrone Ezell (6'4" 300 lbs.) who has 30 tackles on the season, including six tackles for loss and 3.5 sacks. Behind him is sophomore Khaynin Mosley-Smith (6' 305 lbs.) who has six tackles in limited action.


At middle linebacker is junior Shane Gordon (6'1" 220 lbs.) who has 38 tackles including six tackles for loss and has defended five passes. Behind him is senior Joe Trebitz (6'3" 230 lbs.) who has 23 tackles as a reserve. At the SAM linebacker position is sophomore Eric Williams (6'3" 215 lbs.) who has 44 tackles, including 3.5 tackles for loss and one interception for the season. Junior Emmanuel Rackard (6'' 220 lbs.) is behind him with just three tackles. At WILL linebacker is sophomore Todd Thomas (6'2" 215 lbs.) who has 40 tackles and 1.5 tackles for loss with freshman Nicholas Grisby (6'1" 220 lbs.) behind him ( has 27 tackles and is active in the linebacker rotation).


At cornerback is freshman Lafayette Pitts (5'11" 195 lbs.) who has 31 tackles and has broken up eight passes on the year with sophomore Cullen Christian (6' 195 lbs.) getting playing time behind him (has 12 tackles on the year). At the other cornerback spot is junior K'wuan Williams (5'10" 195 lbs.) who has 41 tackles including 2.5 tackles for loss and two interceptions. At strong safety is senior Jarred Holley (5'10" 190 lbs.) who has 61 tackles including one tackle for loss and has two picks on the year. Senior Andrew Taglianetti (5'11" 185 lbs.) has 32 tackles as a reserve behind him. At free safety is junior Jason Hendricks (6' 180 lbs.) who leads the team with 76 tackles and has four interceptions on the season. Sophomore Ray Vinopal (5'10" 190 lbs.) plays behind him and has 12 tackles as a reserve

Overall, the Pitt defense is very stout, especially in the secondary with Hendricks and Holley roaming around, making picks and tackling everything in sight. For Matt Floyd and the offense, they will need to rely on the run game and be smart with the ball, allowing turnovers could lead to an even uglier game.


Under new head coach, the Panthers have returned to a more traditional pro-style under first year head coach Paul Chryst (instead of the high octane we saw last season). This puts starting quarterback Tino Sunseri more under center, but still has the shotgun formations in the playbook as well. The Panthers have been solid all year and after the performance they put on the Bulls last year, it doesn't matter what scheme they run, the Bulls better be ready.

Offensive line

Starting at left tackle is junior Cory King (6'6" 325 lbs.) with freshman Adam Bisnowaty (6'6" 275 lbs.). At left guard is senior Chris Jacobson (6'3" 295 lbs.) with sophomore Aruthur Doakes (6'6" 340 lbs.) backing him up. At center is senior Ryan Turnley (6'6" 320 lbs.). Behind him on the depth chart is Artie Rowell (6'2" 300 lbs.). At right guard is junior Ryan Schlieper (6'5" 310 lbs.) with sophomore Shane Johnson behind him on the depth chart. Finally, at right tackle is sophomore Matt Rotheram (6'6" 335 lbs.) with junior Zenel Demhasaj (6'7" 325 lbs.) backing him up.


At quarterback is veteran senior Tino Sunseri (6'2" 215 lbs.). He has completed 200 passes out of 297 attempts for 2665 yards, 16 touchdowns and just 2 interceptions (completing 67% of his passes). Behind him is sophomore Trey Anderson (6' 185 lbs.) who has attempted two passes on the year.

Sunseri has been consistent all year, getting the ball out, moving the offense, and not turning it over very much. He is in an offense he is comfortable with, not good news for the USF secondary.


At tailback is senior Ray Graham (5'9" 190 lbs.). We all remember what Graham did to the Bulls last season, rushing the ball 26 times for a staggering 226 yards (8.7 yards per carry) and two touchdowns. This season, Graham has 173 carries for 835 yards and eight touchdowns (31 grabs for 290 yards and two touchdowns). Graham, back after knee surgery last season is back at it, but has friends in the backfield sharing carries with him. Freshman Rushel Shell (6' 215 lbs.) has 94 carries for 466 yards and four touchdowns (eight grabs for 90 yards on the season). Behind both of them is sophomore Isaac Bennett (5'11" 205 lbs.) who has 27 carries for 126 yards and three touchdowns eight grabs for 78 yards) . At fullback is sophomore Mark Giubilato (6'2 230 lbs.) with sophomore Adam Lazenga (6' 235 lbs.) behind him.

Graham is their big time running threat, but Rushel is a skilled young runner that continues to get better and will get plenty of touches against the Bulls in this game.

Wide receivers and tight ends

At tight end is senior Hubie Graham (6'4" 255 lbs.) who has seven grabs with 61 yards. Behind him is sophomore Drew Carswell (6'4" 220 lbs.) who has 10 grabs for 141 yards and two touchdowns and freshman JP Holtz (6'4' 245 lbs.) (my god they have their own Holtz too) who has six receptions for 107 yards (their Holtz actually does something). At wide receiver is senior Mike Shanahan (6'5" 225 lbs.) who has 44 receptions for 748 yards including four touchdowns with senior Cameron Saddler (5'7" 160 lbs.) who has 16 receptions for 229 yards and a score lining up when Pitt goes to three receiver looks. At the other wide receiver position is junior Devin Street (6'4" 190 lbs.). who leads the team with 59 receptions for 806 yards and four touchdowns. Behind him is senior Joshua Brinson (6'2" 220 lbs.) who has four grabs for 66 yards and a score as well.

Shanahan and Street are the big time receivers that can stretch the field and give Sunseri a big time target down the field to throw to. With a shaky secondary for USF, look for the Panthers to take their shots in this final game and put a hurt on the Bulls to end the 2012 season.