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Willie Taggart Interviewing For USF Football Job Tonight, Unless He Isn't

The Western Kentucky coach is in New York tonight, and Doug Woolard has been there since yesterday. Cue speculation!

Chris Graythen

Incoming conflicting reports on Western Kentucky coach Willie Taggart and the open USF job in 3... 2... 1...

Taggart is in New York tonight attending the College Football Hall of Fame banquet... and we already know Doug Woolard is there... and it seems pretty clear that Taggart wants the job... and he has plenty of support from the local high school coaches ... and plenty of USF fans want him to get the job... and since when does someone need permission to interview, or "interview", or talk to someone? We'll see where this goes, but this is the first time anyone's said an interview is going to happen between USF and a coaching candidate.