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Bull-ogosphere: Media Reactions To Willie Taggart Becoming USF's Coach

Lots of stories in the Sunday papers and on the Web after USF introduces their new football coach.

Chris Graythen

Coach Taggart Introductory Press Conference -

If you didn't get to see or hear Taggart's press conference yesterday, the official site has it on BullsCast.

Confident coach Willie Taggart takes control of USF Bulls football - Tampa Bay Times

"Confident" is the word that comes up the most when you read all these stories. Another "c" word applies here too -- "contagious." I'm one of the crankiest and most cynical bastards I know, and I was getting excited hearing Taggart talk during his press conference.

New coach Willie Taggart makes USF Bulls believe - Tampa Bay Times

"Believe" is another word you hear a lot, because we all stopped believing for awhile as the losses piled up and the team spiraled away from Skip Holtz and all the horrible Big East stuff began happening in the background. Taggart's press conference was like a blood transfusion for USF fans.

Taggart's energy excites veteran USF players |

Taggart met with the returning players yesterday, and they sound pretty excited for March to get here.

Dungy plays key role in USF hiring process |

I was surprised how much of a role the former Bucs coach played in the hiring process. Eventually Doug Woolard is going to retire, and I could think of much worse candidates to take his place if being a college administrator is something that interests him.

USF contract for Taggart: Five years, $5.75 million | University of South Florida Bulls blog: USF Sports Bulletin | Tampa Bay Times

Greg Auman runs down all the details and minutiae of Taggart's USF contract.

Greg Auman: Willie Taggart | University of South Florida Bulls blog: USF Sports Bulletin | Tampa Bay Times

Greg also put together a short video giving his thoughts on the hire and the press conference.

Willie Taggart the perfect fit for USF - Big East Blog - ESPN

Andrea Adelson's take. It's hard not to see this as an ideal hire. There are no permanent stumbling blocks. Challenges to overcome, absolutely (like recruiting to Taggart's system). But they aren't impossible to overcome. And he genuinely wants to be here. We saw how excited Taggart was the entire time he was at the podium. He looked like he had a wish granted to him from a genie. Actually it was a lot like Jim Leavitt's first press conference way back in 1995, where he kept telling everyone how glad he was to be back home, as if no one in the Marshall Center really believed him.

'Coach T' comes home to drive the USF bus

Fox 13 talked to a couple of Taggart's old teammates at Manatee High School about his return to the area, and their memories of the team's 1992 state football championship.

Photos: Willie Taggart -—Official Athletics Web Site of the University of South Florida

Finally, if you need a new desktop background or Facebook panel, these might work.