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National Signing Day Open Thread

There's not much suspense to USF's signing day this year. Eight members of the class of 2012 are already enrolled in school, and while there may be a surprise or two like there was with Elkino Watson last year, it looks like everyone we expect to sign with USF today will in fact do so.

Sorry we don't have any hot interns to dress up in short skirts and put on a webcam, but we'll be around to comment and cyber-watch the faxes roll in. Feel free to comment below along with us. After today, I pretty much go into my hyperbaric football chamber and don't come out until spring practice.

Here are the 17 players we expect to see committed (or already enrolled, if they're marked with an asterisk):

  • Kofi Amichia - OL (LOI in at 9:30 AM)
  • Chris Bivins* - DB
  • Josh Brown* - DB
  • Kameron Davis - OT (LOI at 11:25 AM)
  • Guito Ervilus - ATH (LOI in at 7:53 AM)
  • James Hamilton* - DT
  • Eric Lee* - DE
  • Lawrence Martin* - OT
  • Chandlor Mathews-York* - OL
  • Jarvis McCall - DB (LOI in at 11:50 AM)
  • Tevin Mims* - DE
  • D'Vario Montgomery - WR (LOI in at 9:15 AM)
  • Fidel Montgomery* - DB
  • Daniel Perry - DE (LOI in at 9:55 AM)
  • Michael Pierre - RB (LOI in at 9:55 AM)
  • Sean Price - TE (LOI in at 9:35 AM)
  • Jalen Spencer - ATH (LOI in at 9:05 AM)
  • Tashon Whitehurst - MLB (LOI in at 11:10 AM)
  • LaMarlin Wiggins - WR (LOI in at 8:25 AM)