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J.D. Alexander Meme Contest Winner

We asked you to come up with some scathing memes towards petulant state senator J.D. Alexander and his sad excuse for a USF budget, and you all really delivered. We had over 40 entries in the contest thread, including some really sensational work from readers and fellow bloggers alike.

In the end, though, one meme stood out above all the others, and even though the reference is ancient by Internet standards, it was so well executed that it still took home the title.


Congratulations to BleedGreenAndGold97 for this outstanding effort! Please contact either me or Ken (our e-mails are at the bottom of the blog) and we will make arrangements to get you a gift card to

Thanks again to everyone who participated -- hopefully it let you blow off some steam and find something that was funny in a decidedly unfunny situation. If you haven't made your opinion known in Tallahassee, make sure to re-read our FanShot from last week and follow up with your state senator and representative.