Final "Protect Your Unit" Game Standings


I never tied up this loose end from football season. First my hard drive crashed right after the BCS title game, and I have a MacBook and like three upgrade versions of Windows. So I had to install all of those versions of Windows one after the other, and wait for all the updates in between, before I could even think about reinstalling Office. It was a huge pain in the ass. And then USF became good at basketball, so I didn't want to interrupt the fun there. Anyway, all that said, the winner of the "Protect Your Unit" Game is... well, actually it was me. Yes, I came from way back in the pack to steal the title, going 6-for-6 during bowl season, including a shocking heel turn against EcoKat in the Cotton Bowl and a three-team parlay for 250 fake dollars that cashed in. (Figures I tried to make sure a crazy parlay wouldn't mess up the game like it did in 2010, and then I win the whole thing on a semi-crazy parlay.) Chris from The Nova Blog finished second and was the most consistent fake gambler -- he ended up doubling his initial fake investment of $1000. Scott from Bearcats Blog, the 2010 winner, finished third. With everyone starting to enter and leave the Big East, I don't know what will happen to this contest and everyone who's already playing. But it will definitely be back this August.

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