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Bulls Recon: Casual Hoya Talks Georgetown Basketball

Welcome back to another edition of Bulls Recon. Today, we have the guys at Casual Hoya helping us talk some Georgetown hoops. In this edition, we talk Otto Porter, being declared the winner of the Georgetown/Syracuse rivalry, and of course, Big East expansion.


1. The Hoyas are emerging as one of the surprises in the league after being selected 10th in the Big East preseason poll. Who has stepped up this year for GU?

Going into the season we all knew what Hollis Thompson and Jason Clark were capable of. We saw their scoring potentials in spurts last year, although they were often overshadowed by Austin Freeman and Chris Wright. The true surprise this year has been Henry Sims. Most had written Sims off as a big man bust - he averaged 3.6 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.1 fouls in 14 minutes of play last year. I have no idea what happened to him in the offseason, some say his mom yelled at him for having too much fun in college (he ran for student body vice president last year - yes this only happens at Georgetown), but he has done a complete 180. He is now the starting center, the facilitator of the offense and leads the team in assists. No one in their right mind would have ever predicted that. Nor did they predict that Henry would LOSE the election.

2. Otto Porter has adjusted nicely to Big East play. Can you give a brief breakdown of his skill set?

Otto is incredibly smooth with the ball and has a nice, albeit, recently inconsistent pull-up jumper. He has a great ability to find the ball after the shot and leads the team in rebounds. He also is a great team basketball player and moves well without the ball - perfect for the Georgetown offense. He has the potential to be the next Jeff Green. His defense needs more work, but his length creates problems when Georgetown goes into a 2-3 zone.

3. You can use this forum to make fun of Syracuse after they decided to bring out gray uniforms. Congrats on being declared the winner of the SU-Georgetown rivalry.

The uniforms are only part of the reason why Georgetown won the rivalry. We've also (1) never lost scholarships because we couldn't graduate players, (2) sent more players to the NBA court than County court, and (3) never harbored a suspected child molester. And we don't make T-shirts for waking up in the morning.

4. How do you feel about the new Big East teams? Just three more stiffs for you to beat down?

It sucks. I mean I can sit here and make up reasons why adding Houston, SMU and UCF is good for the conference from a basketball perspective but I'd be lying. I think it was the best alternative given what is happening to the college landscape, but it is far from ideal. If this is all in the pursuit of money (and no one can argue otherwise), there is plenty more to be made and I think today's movers will be tomorrow's losers. There isn't much Georgetown can do other than concentrate on its on-the-court product and root for other non-football playing schools to rebuild their programs (St. John's, Providence, Seton Hall).

5. If you haven't noticed, we've done a mixology post before each game this year. Where do you go to grab for a few drinks or a bite to eat around campus or at the Verizon Center?

Our normal answer to this question is the Hooters in Chinatown, because it is one of the worst establishments in the history of bad dining establishments. But since I am in a good mood today, I'll give you a real answer. Most Casualities frequent Iron Horse before and after games; the bar has been good to us and hosts our game watches and extravaganzas. Others check out the Irish Channel pub because it used to be an amazingly awesome dive bar attached to a Red Roof Inn (it is now a fancy Irish pub). There a ton of options around the Verizon Center and downtown DC has grown into one of the most active areas of the city. Now don't beat us and make me regret offering these nuggets of GOLD.

6. Finally, how do you see this one ending up?

Is Dominique Jones still on the team? No? Ok good, Georgetown wins. It won't be pretty and I can see the Georgetown defense holding USF to below 60 like Marquette, ND and UConn were able to do. Question is whether Georgetown upperclassmen can continue where they left off against UConn. Prediction: Georgetown 67, USF 58.


Thanks to the guys at Casual Hoya for answering my questions and make sure you head over for my answers to their questions later today.