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USF Basketball Mixology: Game 24, Pittsburgh

(DISCLAIMER: Enjoy responsibly. 21 means 21. Don't drink and drive.)

Pittsburgh has a really nice local beer called Iron City that most Pitt fans enjoy. (I would say Yuengling is far superior than Iron City, but Pottsville is closer to Philadelphia than Pittsburgh and IC is brewed in town.) Given that we've already told you to just find a craft beer to drink for our Old Dominion Mixology, we needed to find a cocktail that incorporated beer.

Thankfully, Collin was able to come up with one on the spot. Helps that you probably have at least half of the ingredients with you right at this moment.

Recipe via Drinks Mixer



  • 2 oz of your favorite Whiskey
  • 1 bottle of Iron City Light Beer

Fill shot glass with whiskey and mug with Iron City Light. Drop full shot glass into Iron City. Drink as quickly as possible. Rinse and repeat until desired effect.