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And Now Let's Talk About This USF Commercial

I actually liked the flow and the energy of the previous USF commercial. But this new one that started airing a few months ago just isn't good. It's extremely jagged and it jumps from one near-random topic to another too quickly. (The front entrance! The Gulf of Mexico! A chemical bond! The skyline of Shanghai! A building! A patent! A boat! An Air Force cadet!) There's way too much talking, and the narrator has this warble in his voice that you will never be able to ignore once you hear it. And unlike the last commercial, you don't get any idea of what it would actually be like to be a student of USF, unless you're an offensive lineman on the football team, or you happen to bump into the president of the University outside the Marshall Center while she's filming a commercial. Also there's the vague threat of a live brahman bull roaming the campus and terrorizing everybody.

But it takes maybe three seconds to redeem the whole thing. In a perverse way, of course. It's when Judy Genshaft pops up (unidentified, of course), and I don't even know what the right word is to describe her attitude. Feisty? Frisky? Lillian Bluth-y? Just try to keep a straight face when she does the jazz hands a little bit and says, "THIS is where the BULLS RUN." You will fail.

Go Bulls.