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GAMMBOOLLLLLL!!! Big East Tournament Quarterfinals

I was a WIDE open 3 by Seton Hall's Herb Pope at the buzzer from being 4-0 yesterday on fake picking games at the Big East Tournament. With the Pirates a +4 on the gold sheet, but down six and inbounding under their own hoop with under three seconds left, Pope got a look like he was in a 3-point shooting contest in the corner. And he bricked it, along with our dream of 11-0. Though to be fair, I did say that was the one game on the board that was a coin flip and I wouldn't have touched it with Terrelle Woody's salary if real money was involved.

But I nailed everything else yesterday, except Shabazz Napier ended up being the star for UConn and not Jeremy Lamb. Tomato, to-mah-to. Let's keep this puppy rolling. Right now Yahoo Sportacular only has one game on the board with a line, so we'll add the other three as they get in here.

12pm. Syracuse -6 over UConn.

Congrats, Huskies. Great run. But the team that apparently takes drug tests only for funsies is going to whip your ass today. Scoop gonna Scoop, C.J. gonna CJ, and Fab gonna Fab, and the irony of all three of those is they both work on the positive and negative levels. Ask any 'Cuse fan, this team can Jekyll and Hyde at times in ways that are maddening. But they'll be rested and ready today despite getting "Charles Robinson'ed" (love how that's a verb now) this week. That won't affect a team that already dealt with the Bernie Fine scandal this season and played quite well. Some possibly failed drug tests by guys that are no longer on the team is a cupcake compared to what this team went through already. Syracuse is Final Four good, and they match up very well with UConn, especially in the front court. The Huskies no longer have Kemba to carry them through three games in three days, so you can order your orange #BEATEMDOWN shirts from SB Nation's Bomani Jones, as they'll be appropriate attire after this one.

Rest of my picks coming as soon the lines get released. Guesses are:

Georgetown pick 'em vs. Cincinnati
Marquette -5 vs. Louisville
Notre Dame -4.5 vs. USF