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NCAA Tournament Bubble Watch: March 9th

With USF sitting right on the bubble, we will do a daily-ish rundown of fellow bubble teams and see who to root for each night. We will do this every night until USF is completely out of the picture or achieves lock status, whichever comes first.

With USF now waiting until Sunday to learn their fate, let's see who we should root for today. All times are EST.

NC State vs. Virginia, 2:00 PM

Who to root for: Virginia

NC State is starting to sneak back on the bubble, but all that will end if they lose to the Cavaliers today.

St. Joseph's vs. St. Bonaventure, 2:30 PM

Who to root for: St. Bonaventure

With the A-10 finally getting back to business, there are a couple of games in Atlantic City that you should keep an eye on. St. Joe's needs a win to keep their at-large hopes alive, but they recently lost to the Bonnies a few weeks ago.

Southern Miss vs. Marshall, 4:00 PM

UCF vs. Memphis, 6:30 PM

Who to root for: Memphis and Southern Miss

Having a Memphis-Southern Miss C-USA final would be the best thing as it keeps Marshall or UCF from stealing a bid.

Ole Miss vs. Tennessee, 7:30 PM

Who to root for: Ole Miss

Tennessee has somehow worked its way on the bubble. A loss to the Rebels would be the end to their magical run.

Miami vs. Florida State, 9:00 PM

Who to root for: Florida State

The Bulls would really like a Miami loss tonight.

Dayton vs. Xavier, 9:00 PM

Who to root for: Dayton

This is your USF Bubble Watch game of the night. Whoever loses this one is out. Xavier is higher on the bubble list than the Flyers, so let's root for Dayton tonight.

Arizona vs. Oregon State, 9:00 PM

Who to root for: Oregon State

If the PAC 12 is to only earn one bid, the Beavers will need to beat the Wildcats.

UC Irvine vs. Long Beach State, 9:30 PM

Who to root for: The Beach

Long Beach State would just be another team fighting for an at-large. We can't really have that right now.

Texas vs. Missouri, 10:00 PM

Who to root for: Mizzou

Texas is probably in, but it can't hurt to see them lose tonight.

Colorado vs. Cal, 11:30 PM

Who to root for: Cal

Cal is grabbing an at-large, so let's hope they take the PAC-12 crown.