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Now Accepting Walk-Ons. We Are Hiring!

If you can't get a decent quote out of this guy... then you're probably not what we're looking for at all.
If you can't get a decent quote out of this guy... then you're probably not what we're looking for at all.

Do you love USF Athletics? Do you want to be famous on the internet? Do you want to have to drunkenly take down a post you made a week ago in the midst of a four-day bender in Vegas because a coach called and said there's a problem with what you wrote? Do you relish awkward interactions with staff members that clearly read what you wrote, but deny they've ever even heard of your website? Then do we have the job for you!!

This year we're ratcheting up the coverage as best as we can, which means we're looking for two people, most likely current USF students, to join the staff as beat writers covering games. We also want you in the press box (if they'll take us this year) writing about what you see and hear. And if they don't take us, we'll give you an air card and a seat in the club section. We've done that before, and we'll do it again if we must. But what we're looking for is someone that's passionate about USF Athletics, and can convey that passion through words. Attending things like practices and the Tuesday coaches press conferences should be compulsory as well.

We've got two great local guys covering the team full-time in Greg Auman and Joey Johnston, and their game stories are usually excellent. So we're looking for some deeper analysis that is fair, as well as someone that's willing to dive a bit deeper into what's happening on a certain topic. Whether that's fade routes or George Kiefer's 4-5-1 or Andrea Rodriguez-Gomez's ability to hit a quick set, find out not just what happened, but why it's happening. Or feel free to take on some of the overriding issues around our teams (how are we financially? are we meeting our season ticket goals? what do we sell in recruiting?). And find some cool stories about the people that make up the beloved patch of heaven between Fowler and Fletcher Ave. Coaches, student-athletes, trainers, administrators... whomever. Find neat stories and write them well.

Interested? More info after the jump.

If this is something you think might tickle your fancy, shoot a cover letter, writing sample, and resume to usfcollin at gmail dot com.

Remember, we run a large and very popular fake gambling contest during football season around here, and we christened every basketball game last year with an alcoholic beverage. Don't be afraid to do something different or interesting. Take chances, but responsibly. We'll edit anything before it posts at first, so write what you feel and see, and we'll reel you back in if you go too far off the reservation.

Ideally we'd like to set this up as an internship program so you can get credit from the Department of Communications or Mass Communications, and we've sent some preliminary emails inquiring about that possibility. We do have some income around here, but it ain't much. We'll give you what we can, plus of course pick up any and all expenses you might have in your new role. And all the free ish we get is going straight to you.

Since the season is right around the corner, we'd like to have all applications in by August 8th. So start practicing your snark and meme creating skills now!