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Stampeding Through The Roster: #41 TE Jake Carlton


There are now two #41s on the roster after this player changed their number this morning. He's in the large mix of tight ends and fullbacks on the USF roster, but he starts fall camp with a head start on some of the others.

#41 TE Jake Carlton
Redshirt Sophomore, 6'3" 233 lbs.

Stats in 2011: Jake played in seven games, mostly on special teams. He made one tackle on a kickoff return against Rutgers. (Obviously closer to the beginning of the game than the end.)

Current Spot on Depth Chart: USF's post-spring depth chart listed two tight ends, and Carlton is one of the second-stringers along with Tye Turner.

How Did He Come to USF? Carlton played at Lakewood Ranch High School in Bradenton. In addition to football, Jake was a standout in basketball and has the highlight reel to prove it. He was given preferred walk-on status in the fall of 2010, made the cut, and continued to progress.

Recruiting Rankings: Jake was not rated by any recruiting site.

Projected Playing Time for 2012: With a shortage of fullbacks on the roster last year, Jake got some extra opportunities to step on the field. He should continue to contribute on special teams and occasionally on offense this season, maybe down around the goal line. And if Skip ends up with scholarships to spare this year, Carlton could be one of the players chosen to get one.