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Protect Your Unit Game - Week 3 Results

Hey Charlie, let's finish the drill next week, OK? Please?
Hey Charlie, let's finish the drill next week, OK? Please?

(DISCLAIMER: These picks are for entertainment value only. No actual wagering is being performed.)

Hey, Louisville, can I have a word with you?

Here's the thing. You're obviously the best team in the Big East. You might be the only legitimately good team we have this year. So as long as you're winning games, I really can't complain about you that much. But this habit you have of taking a safe lead and then taking your foot off the gas way before the end of the game... that's a problem. I mean, you were up 36-7 on North Carolina in the third quarter and you damn near blew the game. Most importantly, though, if you hadn't stopped that two-point conversion with three minutes left, you wouldn't have covered after being ahead 29 points. And that would have made me and my 150 fake dollars on Louisville -3 very upset with you.

I'm afraid I'll have to withdraw my future fake short-term investments on you, Louisville. Not until I'm sure you can be trusted again. By which I mean, after you go down to Miami and kick the tar out of SCUMBAGS this week. OK? OK.

Back to the contest. I ended up padding my lead this week after the very unfortunate Virginia Tech-Pittsburgh game restocked the vaults of casinos all over the Caymans. That game was totally out of left field. I didn't turn on the game until the second quarter, but here's your summary...


Sorry about that, everyone.

Here are the standings. The game-by-game results are here.

  • Jamie DeVriend, Voodoo Five: $1,333.02
  • Scott, Bearcats Blog: $1,184.09
  • Collin Sherwin, Voodoo Five: $1,053.64
  • Mike Nascarella, Voodoo Five/The Bull Rush: $1,022.45
  • John Lamb, Owlsblog: $938.63
  • Chris Lane, VU Hoops: $934.10
  • the great gunsby, reader extraordinaire: $902.63
  • ULismyhothotsex, Card Chronicle: $817.00
  • WVUIE97, The Smoking Musket: $792.81
  • Kevin Meacham, The UConn Blog: $751.80
  • GarySJ, Voodoo Five: $646.45
  • Andrew Porter, The UConn Blog: $563.50

BEST BET: Both Scott and Mike hit three-team parlays this week, the first ones of the season. Mike found some low-hanging fruit with Louisville, Northwestern, and Texas. Scott's was even more impressive, hitting Florida and Notre Dame, who came up with tough road wins in hostile environments, along with picking a Georgia Tech team that no one really knew what was going to happen with.

Honorable mention to WVUIE97 for not fake betting at all this week.

WORST BET: It was only $10, so it could have been a lot worse. But gunsby putting even that small amount of fake money on Wake Forest against FSU was just horrible.

MOST DEGENERATE BET: Fake betting on FIU in a parlay? OK, that makes sense. Fake betting a shambolic UNLV team on the money line in the same parlay? THAT'S SOME GREAT DEGENERATENESS, MIKE.