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Protect Your Unit, Week 7 Picks Thread: Pillow Fight!

The joys of betting on bad football games.


(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

I usually try to talk about other college football teams in this space. But there's no denying that the USF-UConn game is central to this week's theme.

True degenerates know that the most favorable lines are often in the low-interest games. An irrelevant game between two bad teams doesn't attract nearly as much as gambling action as the games of national interest. So the books don't pay as much attention to keeping the line accurate. If you know your bad football teams -- and you ought to have plenty of experience at this point -- you can find edges.

Betting on bad teams is fun for another reason; it gets you emotionally invested in a game. Sometimes it's hard to get interested in the SEC Game of the Century of the Week (Missouri-Georgia!) or whatever noxious narrative the Worldwide Leader is screaming at the top of its lungs. Sometimes it's fun to watch a meaningless game just for the joy of it, and a little side action gives you somebody to root for and a reason to care. And since you can watch pretty much any game online, you can take a parlay of Troy over Georgia State and Buffalo over Western Michigan, watch them in two separate browser windows, and have a mostly BCS-free Saturday of entertainment.

Of course, that doesn't apply here. Almost all the players in our game support USF or UConn, and after Week 1 both teams promptly circled this date on the schedule as Holy Crap We Might Have A Chance In This One. The narrative changed when UConn changed coaches and USF won an actual football game, but this is still an important game to both teams' seasons.

Let's see who you picked:

Parlays this week:

  • ulismyhothotsex: $124 on Colorado State -3.5, Oregon State +1.5
  • LeavittTown: $50 on South Florida +5.5, Georgia Tech +7, Northwestern +10.5
  • (added Friday 6 PM) zls44: $15 on Texas-El Paso +10.5, Florida International +7.5

As always, use the Comments section to discuss who you picked and why. And this is not the deadline; you can place bets on any game up until one hour before kickoff at

Finally, we have added a new player, Snafu13, to our field of degenerates. New players may join if they wish, but anyone joining this late in the season will be ineligible for first place or prizes. Email me via the link at if interested.