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Game Thread: USF Bulls vs. Connecticut Huskies

It's The Conference Realignment Leftovers Bowl!

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Let's give you the bad news all at once.

Ugh. Let's hope some players step up today.

Who: USF Bulls (1-4, 1-0 AAC) vs. Connecticut (0-4, 0-0 AAC)

What: A football game in the mid-50's in Hartford. What, you prefer being on your couch reading this? Are you crazy??

Where: Rentschler Field, Hartford, Connecticut

When: 12pm

Why: Because if USF wins today, this happens:

Lou Brown, RIP. Your wisdom never ceases to enlighten and entertain.

Line: Connecticut by 4, opened Connecticut by 6. Maybe the bettors are starting to believe in USF like we are??

We're on the couch, friends coming over, and the Cigar City specialty beers are aplenty. Let's have some fun today, join us!!