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Voodoo Fivecast: The Too Old And Cynical Edition

Streeter Lecka

Season 2, Episode 4.

On this week's wonderfully average podcast, we welcome Mike Manganello from in studio to help us break down the Bulls so far. Amazingly both Mike and Josh pick the Bulls to win their next two games. In football. I KNOW, RIGHT??? I almost broke the microphone my jaw fell so far.

We also discuss the upcoming men's basketball event, Stephen Morris' accusation of dirty play, BJ Daniels getting waived from the 49ers, and everything else on our little slice of heaven between Fowler and Fletcher.

Download or livestream the first hour here (note, the previous show went long, we pick up about 6 min in), and then the second hour (we leave about 15 min in due to the men's soccer game).

It's all excellent and subpar, and it's all for you. Enjoy!