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Voodoo Fivecast: The Bandwagon Fans Suck Edition

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

In this week's show, we continue to be terrible at radio, but at least the studio got a little brighter in the first hour with the additions of head coach Courtney Draper and outside hitter Erin Fairs from USF Volleyball. Draper talked about the Bulls three-game road winning streak and the improvements her team has made throughout the season despite playing so many underclassmen. This is a team that's really coming on strong in league play, and has two big matches this weekend with Memphis and Temple at The Corral.

Erin was modest about her two-in-a-row streak as AAC Player of The Week, as well as her "homecoming" game against Houston last weekend where her friends and family almost outnumbered the entire Houston crowd. She also talks about the competitive streak she inherited from her father, former NFL linebacker Eric Fairs.

We also talked USF football and basketball, delving into everything from recruiting Quinton Flowers, why road games are more fun as a fan, the injury situation for Bulls football, and even the pecking order of local high school kids when picking a college. Jeff, Kevin, Joe and I went all over the map, but we think a lot of interesting information about USF came through (including how to interpret the boilerplate "violation of team rules" suspensions when they're randomly announced by USF Athletics).

We also realized that Kevin is the worst, most horrible sports fan ever. He changes teams like most people change bed sheets. He freely admits to being the "Go Bucs!... wait, they suck now... Go Colts!" guy, and he doesn't even root for USF because he considers himself a member of the media despite currently matriculating as an undergrad at USF. Can someone on-campus beat him up this week please??

Finally we finished up with Mark Ennis of Card Chronicle and ESPN Radio in Louisville. We talk the state of the fanbase in Loo-uh-vull, Teddy Bridgewater, this weekend's game, and how much they hate UCF. At least we're bonded in that together. Mark is as knowledgeable about the school he covers as any beat guy or blogger anywhere, and he offers some great insight on the Cards before this weekend.

Update!! We are now on iTunes, and you can subscribe to all our Voodoo Fivecasts here!! Thanks to Kevin Weiss and his terrible sports fandom for making this happen.

It's all multi-microphoned despite being full of mediocre hosts and producers and for your pleasure... so check out Hour 1 and Hour 2 here.