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Game Thread: Cincinnati Bearcats vs. USF Bulls

Brian Blanco

It's a conference opening football game at Raymond James Stadium!! Do we have to?

Who: Cincinnati (3-1, 0-0 AAC) vs. USF (0-4, 0-0 AAC)

What: A football game in front of (hopefully) dozens of fans.

Where: Raymond James Stadium: Where no home football team has won a game since November 11th, 2012 #0AndRayJay

When: 7pm

Why: Because you probably cheated on a test, a significant other, or a diet at some point in your life. Consider this karma.

Line: Cincinnati by 10.5. Opened 13.5, which again means that USF has been bet down a full three points. Who says there's no free money in sports betting??

We're heading over from our South Tampa home now so we can tailgate, see friends, and enjoy all the social niceties of being a proud alumni of the University of South Florida. The reason we write this blog is because we love this school, and it has given us so much joy, memories, and friends over the years.

But attending this game is simply due to ritual, and not a trip made out of anticipation of enjoyment or excitement. I am as excited to head to this football game as I would be to have dinner at the Carrabba's down the street or to pick up some paper towels at the KMart next door. The nearly endless reservoir of passion I have for my school can't even summon up enough energy to be excited for this game.

This is what you've done to me, USF. You've taken one of your most diehard fans and sapped all his strength. I will eventually forgive you for this, because that's what family does for each other. But I will never, ever forget how your blatant mismanagement and poor decisions have led us to this point.

USF Bulls are we. Forever.