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Protect Your Unit, Week 6 Results: Zed's Ahead, Baby. Zed's Ahead

Amazingly, our players found some things they could agree on. Though they clearly shouldn't have.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Last week's news may have been defined by disagreement, but you wouldn't know it looking at our game action. Week 6 saw two of the most widely agreed-upon selections of the season. Eight different players took Central Florida over Memphis ATS, and seven took Rutgers to cover against SMU.

They both lost.

UCF needed two fumble recovery touchdowns in the last two minutes to pull ahead of Memphis. SMU hit a zany two-point conversion to send their game to overtime, where Rutgers' 3-point win wasn't enough to cover the spread. (Seriously, watch that clip. It's like a clip from a USFL game.)

While most players took UCF minus the points, CedSaidZed took them on the money line -389, and avoided a big loss when the Knights pulled the game out. He also hit Washington +7.5 over Stanford, Iowa State +9 over Texas, and Indiana +4.5 over Penn State to move into first place with $1371.38. Last week's big winner LeavittTown is still in second, having whiffed on a parlay that included Cincinnati and the aforementioned UCF. last week's leader AndrewPorter made his customary $248 bet against USF instead of Connecticut, which backfired badly.

Your full standings:

CedSaidZed 1371.38
leavitttown 1348.14
AndrewPorter 1258.19
Collin 1212.46
chuckycrater 1175.73
ucscott 1142.55
jthoma11 1105.45
LrdNorman 1099.58
Danj725 1092.55
JLLoughren 1050.91
dsidwell31 1034.57
SenatorGiggity 1005.82
MikeNascarella 968.83
fusionpower 956.82
GarySJ 954.44
andrewp 952.28
diddybull32 945.46
RyanTSmith 931.28
zls44 912.44
JeffNusser 904.07
iwaswrongabouthowell 889.32
jasonloughren 847.22
CBulls08 838.18
ULismyhothotsex 803.46

The Randolph & Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week will be a Lifetime Achievement Award to chuckycrater, for betting $1 against Louisiana Tech every single week this season. This by far the most long-term focused spite we've seen. How long will he keep it up?

The Floyd's Money Team Most Degenerate Bet of the Week will go to zls44, for betting $1 on Alabama's money line against hapless Georgia State, "JUST TO SAY I DID IT." At -899999, a $1 bet wins... zero. We only round to two digits, and the payout on such a wager is less than half a cent. Check it off the bucket list, I guess.

Coming up this week, it's the Game of the Year... USF at UConn. UConn has a new coach and quarterback. USF has an honest-to-god win, but may be missing some key players. Unlike most Saturdays of the past two seasons, one of these teams is guaranteed to win. Tune in Friday and see who everybody picked. First lines will be posted Monday night as always.