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Voodoo Fivecast: The "I Told You So" Edition

In this week's two-hour radio extravaganza, Josh Appel celebrates USF's first win of the season by rubbing his overzealous pregame prediction in Collin's face, while Michael Manganello of looks on.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Season 2, Episode 5

In this week's episode, we actually we're... good? Are we improving like the football team? Judge for yourself!

Once again our man Collin is joined by Josh Appel of WBUL and Michael Manganello of Of course, Josh is more than happy to remind everyone that he was 97% confident of a USF win over Cincinnati.

The first hour reviews the Bulls' win over Cincinnati, more previewing of USF men's and women's basketball (John Egbunu can touch the top of the backboard!), questions from listeners, and a minute or so of panic when it appeared Josh had booked his hotel for Saturday's USF-UConn game somewhere near Rhode Island.

The second hour was packed with special guests. First, Andrew Callahan from The UConn Blog joined the show to talk about UConn's new coach and quarterback and discuss this week's game. After that, USF women's basketball coach Jose Fernandez called in to talk about his team and how they plan to build on last year's success, when they reached the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Jose is one of the best interviews in on campus, and he's just great with us this week. Finally, surprise guest Greg "Don't Call Me Schiano" Auman came on to rehash the Bucs' quarterback drama. They also chat about Lawrence Martin, USF's newest tight end, and his past history as a high school point guard. Auman is 1-17 in his last 18 games as a reporter between USF & the Bucs. Maybe we should be glad to be rid of him??

Listen or download the first hour here, and the second hour here.