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Protect Your Unit, Week 10 Picks Thread: Drugs Are Bad, Mmkay?

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(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered. Thank God, because I suck at picking football games.)

Just a bizarre story out of FAU this week: head coach Carl Pelini and defensive coordinator Pete Rekstis resigned over reports relating to their use of illegal drugs, which the coaches later admitted doing. And that's not all they were up to.

FUN CARL PELINI FACT: Pelini's head coaching career ends with five wins, two of which came against Willie Taggart. (FAU beat Western Kentucky in 2012.)

Interestingly, this has had little effect on the point spread for this Saturday's FAU-Tulane game. FAU started the point as a four-point favorite, and is now favored by at least two and a half points. Which I thought was pretty strange to begin with, considering that FAU is 2-6 (1-4 C-USA) while Tulane is 6-2 (4-0), and is arguably the class of the league so far. Their quarterback Nick Montana (yes, the son of Joe) has been injured, but they've won four straight with freshman backup Devin Powell.

I try not to comment on lines, especially considering my very low standing in the table, but... that line seemed a little off to me from the start, and even more so now. Is an FAU interim coach only one point worse than Carl Pelini? Is there no difference between the best and worst C-USA teams? Are the books not just paying attention to such a low-interest game when Michigan-Michigan State and FSU-Miami are out there? Let's see who you picked:

Looks like I'm not the only one who loaded up on Tulane. The 'Canes are also popular: so far, six people have picked Miami, and no one has taken the 'Noles yet. Three touchdowns is a lot of points, but would you bet against Jameis Winston? I passed on that one, though it is nice to see FSU-Miami game nationally important again. I also remember the Gin Blossoms.

This week's parlays:

  • diddybull32: $100 on Rutgers -13.5 over Temple, East Carolina -22.5 over FIU, Florida State -21.5 over Miami
  • LeavittTown: $75 on Cincinnati -3 over Memphis, Tulane +4 over FAU
  • ulismyhothotsex: $40 on Auburn -9 over Arkansas, Oregon State -5 over Southern California
  • ulismyhothottsex: $15 on Tulane +4 over FAU, Georgia Tech -10 over Pittsburgh, Miami-Florida State over 61
  • GarySJ: $10 on Tulane +4 over FAU, Rice +5 over North Texas, Northern Illinois -23.5 over Massachusetts
  • AndrewPorter: $150 on Virginia Tech -4.5 over Boston College, Miami +21 over Florida State, and Southern Miss +32 over Marshall. (added Saturday)

Yes, I get in on the parlay action. Fittingly, I've already lost, since Rice lost 28-16 to North Texas.

As always, you may submit your fake money wagers any time up to one hour before kickoff at Use the space below to talk up your picks, and talk about the weekend's games.