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BREAKING NEWS: USF Men’s Basketball Coach Brian Gregory Fired After Six Seasons

Coaching men’s basketball at USF is tough, but you can’t do that..

NCAA Basketball: South Florida at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

USF men’s basketball coach Brian Gregory has fired after six seasons in Tampa, according to Jon Rothstein. The Daily Stampede started to hear rumors late yesterday that the decision to fire Gregory was just a matter of when, not if. USF has announced the decision as well.

Gregory spent much of the last six seasons trying to create a competent offense to compete in the AAC, but it never materialized save for the CBI title team in 2018. Gregory’s teams were continually among the worst offensive teams in the country, punctuated by the historically bad 2021-2022 team.

Throughout his tenure, the Bulls showed some flashes of improvement, but almost always immediately cratered back to earth in spectacular fashion.

USF Vice President of Athletics Michael Kelly will now conduct his first men’s basketball coaching search as AD. He rightfully caught flack from national media and fans for giving out an extension to Gregory (and head football coach Jeff Scott) during the pandemic, and now those two extensions look more ridiculous after Kelly fired both of them just over a year after announcing them.

USF’s statement on the firing:

“Brian has been a true ambassador for the University of South Florida,” Kelly said. “Ultimately, our head coaches and programs are judged by on-court success, and we have not lived up to our expectations for men’s basketball. We thank Brian and his family for all they have done for USF and wish them the very best in their journey.”