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GameThread: Memphis Tigers at USF Bulls

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Who: Memphis Tigers (2-6, 0-4 AAC) vs. USF Bulls (2-6, 2-2 AAC).

What: A football game that's basically irrelevant to anyone without a rooting interest, but a big moment for Bulls fans. How much has the team improved in the last 16 days? What does Marcus Shaw add to an offense that already showed life against Houston? And is a bowl game a realistic possibility?

Where: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Fla.

When: 7pm Eastern.

Why: Because we need to see this team continuing to get better. Memphis is an effective defense as we discussed earlier this week, so let's see what USF can do with all their offensive weapons against some better opposition.

Spread: Memphis by 1.5. WHAAAAATTTT??? Find a bookie and double your net worth like we did... errr, I mean, um... take a small, reasonable, and responsible position on the outcome of this sporting event.

We're heading out to Ray Jay to tailgate now, and will be attempting to check in here during the game. Let's hope the postgame haiku has lots of fun words about the Bulls offense, and the USF D is going to eat Memphis alive today we think.

And don't worry if you're thinking about coming without tickets, as there will be PLENTY of good seats available. Could this be the first TSA actual attendance under 15k of the BCS era? It's in play here.